Fall Wreaths & Catwalks

Come get your corn husk wreaths before they are gone! We will be limited on wreaths this year due to a lower corn crop from our source.
Wreaths are $18 and swags are $9 apiece. Swags looks great horizontal or vertical. We can tie the bow up anyway you like.

Also, keep a look out for the Catwalk Pumpkins showing up at Pfaff’s Pharmacy, Righteous Cuisine and other places around town. Our goal is to move all of our pumpkins this week so if you haven’t picked one up yet, please help out and stop by!
Pumpkins are $5 each and all proceeds benefit the Catwalk Restoration Project in Grand Haven.


Pie & Pumpkin Fundraiser

A pie and pumpkin fundraiser will be held next week on Thursday, September 17 from 7am to 7pm at the Aluminum Mule/Templeton’s. Proceeds go to the Grand Haven Pier Catwalk Project.

Buy a pumpkin anytime during the day for $5.00 each. Pumpkins will be painted with a cat face (get it? Cat Walk?:), or buy a pie for $10.00 to take home.
Additionally, we will be serving slices of pie with coffee from 5:30-7pm for a donation. Our goal is $2,500.00. Checks may be made out to: City of Grand Haven, memo – Catwalk Repair.
Thank you for all your support and we hope to see a good turnout next Thursday!