New Glass and Window Art

Owner Mary Mitchell is hard at work again on her quirky and lovely glass and window art. Each piece is unique and many sell fast! There is also a lot of other hand made art pieces in the store right now, including that awesome tank light in the photos! Fat Chix has always been known for having a lot of one-of-a-kind items.
Remember, we have moved the shop to the back of the green house next to Electric Hero sandwich shop on Beechtree. Pull into the parking lot for Erickson’s Electric or park along side the road. Look for the bright blue and orange shed and you are in the right spot!

Fat Chix Coffee and Gifts - Grand Haven Local Art Fat Chix Coffee and Gifts - Grand Haven Local ArtFat Chix Coffee and Gifts - Grand Haven Local Art

Bolt Park Lights

In case anyone wonders about those pretty lights in Bolt Park along Beechtree Street in Grand Haven, Mark Brooky at the Grand Haven Tribune got a question about them in the mailbag.

Bolt Park lights?

Mark Brooky • Feb 1, 2016 at 5:00 PM 616-842-6400 ext. 243

Lou of Grand Haven asked, “I have a question about the lights on the tree at Bolt Park. Who is behind it? And who turns them on every night?”


Those lights that turn colors every couple of seconds are the brainchild of Mary Mitchell, owner of Fat Chix Gifts on Beechtree Street. She’s a big supporter of Grand Haven’s Eastown.

Mary worked with the city to string up nearly 20 lights on the tree in Bolt Park, the little city “pocket” park at the corner of Beechtree and Pennoyer Avenue.

“The city has been super-supportive of all the fundraising efforts Fat Chix Gifts has done over the years to help spruce up and revitalize Grand Haven’s east end,” Mary said. “Matt Holzinger of Holzinger Electric worked hard to install underground electricity to go to the tree.”

The nearly 20 lights are LED, so they are designed to last a long time. Still, they do burn out, as one already did since they were first turned on late last fall.

“Bulb replacement is one of the few maintenance things, along with cleaning them, when we take them down in the spring, but that’s about it,” Mary said.

There is a remote control to turn them on and off, but the color sequence has to be reset each time if the remote is used, so the lights are on 24/7, Mary explained.

“Which is nice because you can start to see them as the sun sets,” she said.

The plan is to change the colors for Valentine’s Day and then when spring rolls in. Mary plans to take them down in the spring and put them back up again every holiday season so they remain a special thing and are not there all of the time.

For the past few summers, Fat Chix Gifts has been holding Eastown fundraisers to generate funds to decorate Beechtree Street for the holidays. Most of the fundraising cash was generated by hosting a monthly dinner in the Fat Chix parking lot in the summer. One of the best dinners, Mary said, was the “Brinner” (breakfast plus dinner), when local restaurants and chefs like Electric Hero, Meals for a Week and even Mayor Geri McCaleb contributed their best pancakes.

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