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Introducing Templeton’s Treasures

Collected.Vintage.Fresh Picked. Eclectic.

This is the theme of the renamed “Fat Chix: Aluminum Mule store that is now Templeton’s Treasures on Beechtree St.
Instead of just one owner, there are now five owners that will be offering fun items old and new in the store.
So stop in and see what’s up in the east end! Lots and lots of change!
(And I know…we made a big announcement about the coffee switch across the street but it IS currently still at the old/new place Templeton’s until we get it just right at the new place. It will happen. Hang in there with us and pardon our craziness during all this new stuff:) Thanks everyone!


New Shop Location!

Starting Monday (Aug 10), our brewed coffee will officially be served across the street in the back of the “Lizard House.” Mary will be at the new shop at 6:15 per the usual hours. Please feel free to use Electric Hero’s parking as they are not open at that time and there is easy access to the back shop by parking along Grant as well!

A larger update will come next week but in a nutshell, Mary (the owner) is moving the coffee and most of the Fat Chix/Aluminum Mule items over to the newly renovated space in the back of the green house on Beechtree that is across the street from the current shop. The current building you have been getting your morning brew at is going to still be a store but Mary will be writing something up on everything and getting an official update on here soon. Lot’s of cool new items are in there so stop in there if you haven’t! Multiple owners are in on it now with new, vintage and antique items for sale. 

FatChixCoffeeGrandHaven2 FatChixCoffeeGrandHaven

July 23 Fundraiser!

Fundraiser this Thursday!
5:30 to 7pm. Pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans and potato salad = Yum!
Fundraising goal: lighting for winter lampposts along Beechtree Street.
It looks like it’s going to be a nice day so we will be set up in our usual spot out front of Fat Chix/Aluminum Mule on Beechtree st.
We were not able to hold our June fundraiser so the more the merrier! Please help spread the word:)

It’s BRINNER! Pancake Fundraiser This Thursday

It was so awesome last year, we are doing it again this year! BRINNER! Breakfast meets dinner.

There will be all kinds of pancakes freshly made right in front of you and all kinds of different toppings to try. You don’t want to miss out! The event will be from 5:30 to 7 or whenever our pancakes run out. Everything is donation based per usual so give what you can. Every amount is appreciated. All proceeds go towards the continued improvement of Grand Haven’s east end and Beechtree Street.

This will be held in front of our store in the parking lot with seating available. In the event of rain, we will still have all the pancakes but you will be able to take everything to go!


April 23 Walk the Beat Fundraiser

This week is our “comfort food” fundraiser helping support Walk the Beat. We haven’t got to host our dinner in the parking lot just yet, so we are doing the same thing we did for our first fundraiser of the year and offering everything in take out containers due to the chilly weather this week.

The menu is home made meatloaf, mac & cheese, vegetables and home made pies to take home!

Food is donation based so give what you can. Everything is appreciated. Please share this with everyone you can!

Home made pies are $10 each





Painted Windows

Mary has been hard at work in the store on her gorgeous painted antique/old windows! If you are not familiar with these one-of-a-kind works of art she does, stop in the store and odds are you will find the artist busy at work on a new window! They can go pretty fast so if you see one you can’t live without make sure to get to the store asap. We are going to start posting each new window that’s created!


Marty Mitchell, Fat Chix Coffee owner, hard at work on one of her painted windows.

Marty Mitchell, Fat Chix Coffee owner, hard at work on one of her painted windows.

Easter Goodies, April 2 Fundraiser & Eastend Pickers!

Wow! What a busy week coming up in the eastend! Don’t forget this Thursday April 2 from 5:30-7 pm. RAIN OR SHINE! If it ends up raining, we will have a tent set up and we will serve the chili and baked potato bar take out style. Stop by, fill up, drive off! If the rain holds off by that time, we will have tables set up in the parking lot. We really need everyone’s support on this first fundraiser for the Beechtree flowers! Remember, these meals are donation based so give what you can. Every amount is appreciated.


If you are still looking to fill up your Easter baskets for this weekend, stop on by the store this week! We have all kinds delicious treats and gifts that will be perfect for you!


Eastend Pickers is this Friday and Saturday (April 3-4) at Sluka Field! Vendors open in the morning and go into early evening!


Mary has also been back to painting her gorgeous old windows! Get in fast if you see one you like. These beauties and cuties can go fast!


“Dinner in the Parking Lot” Summer Schedule


The warm up in weather has inspired us to put together the Spring/Summer fundraising calendar. Our first Thursday evening, “Dinner in the Parking Lot” is scheduled for April 2! As usual, there is no set price for our dinners. We operate on donations with proceeds going towards the street decorations. The first dinner’s donations are going towards the Spring/Summer plants and the galvanized horse trough containers we have been working towards. We hope to have the troughs installed by April 23, the night of our second “Dinner in the Parking Lot.”

Each of these Thursdays will feature a different menu and fundraising goals. All moneys are transparent and go to the Eastown Association.

Please email Marcy if you are able to help out with food or anything else: tlynch3315@charter.net

Location: Conrer of Beechtree and Grant in Grand Haven’s Eastown at The Aluminum Mule (a.k.a. Fat Chix)

All dinners will run 5:30-7:30pm

April 2 – Baked potato and chili bar.

Fundraising goal: Plants

April 23 – Meatloaf, mac & cheese, two vegetables and pie!

Fundraising goal: Walk the Beat

May 28 – Pancakes! Savory and dessert

Fundraising goal: fall mums and pumpkins

June 25 – Burgers and dogs

Fundraising goal: lighting and ornaments

July 23 – pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad

Fundraising goal: lighting for winter lamposts

August 20 – Country Fair: chicken and corn on the cob with toppings

Fundraising goal: Christmas greenery


If you are able to help out with any of the following contact us ASAP!

April 2: pot of chili50 baked potatos

5lbs of shredded cheese

2lbs cooked bacon

2 cups copped onions

April 23: meatloaf, mac and cheese, pot of corn, pot of green beans, 2 pies, 4 pies, 6 pies

May 28: pancakes for 35, 2 lbs cooked sausage links, 2lbs of cooked sausage patties, syrup, fresh fruit cut up, juice

June 25: hamburgers for 20, hotdogs for 20, sliced cheese for burgers, 2 lbs cooked bacon, 2 cups chopped onions, 2 cups diced pickles or relish

July 23: coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, buns

August 20: chicken for 20, 25 ears of corn, large container of mayo (we only need 2 containers)




April 2 – Chili & Baked Potato Bar Fundraiser

April 2 5:30-7pm will be our first fundraiser of the year! All of our fundraisers last year were amazing and helped create the awesome holiday decorations that were on Beechtree Street this winter. We plan on cruising right along with our fundraising efforts into 2015 to continue improving Grand Haven’s east end.

The fundraiser will feature traditional chili, vegetarian chili and white chicken chili.

The baked potato bar will have all the fixins’ with butter, broccoli cheese, regular cheese, chives, sour creme and bacon bits! We will do this rain or shine so dress warm because it probably won’t be super warm yet here in Grand Haven but let’s hope the snow is done! A complete list of the summer fundraisers and food offered will be coming shortly! All kinds of good stuff coming up!




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