Fleabags Opening Soon

flea-bags-logo Fleabags, “Tastiest Dogs in Town” will be opening soon in the old Fat Chix/Electric Hero location. The tiny space is getting revamped to have more comfortable, indoor seating for the colder months and of course, has ample outside seating when its warm outside. We are hoping to be open this October if all goes well so stay tuned!

Eastend Pickers 2016

Vendor space available. We have 25 spots at approx 10’ X 10’
Vendors may sell thrift/vintage/antique, craft, produce and art.
Sale is the 2nd Saturday of each month April – October from 8am – 4pm

Location: Fat Chix, Electric Hero and Erickson’s parking lot.

Email us or call 846-7480 to reserve a spot or if you need more details. Calling or stopping into the store is preferred as you will get a faster response. We’re oldschool like that.

Please make checks payable to Eastown Association.

Bolt Park Lights

In case anyone wonders about those pretty lights in Bolt Park along Beechtree Street in Grand Haven, Mark Brooky at the Grand Haven Tribune got a question about them in the mailbag.

Bolt Park lights?

Mark Brooky • Feb 1, 2016 at 5:00 PM

mbrooky@grandhaventribune.com 616-842-6400 ext. 243

Lou of Grand Haven asked, “I have a question about the lights on the tree at Bolt Park. Who is behind it? And who turns them on every night?”


Those lights that turn colors every couple of seconds are the brainchild of Mary Mitchell, owner of Fat Chix Gifts on Beechtree Street. She’s a big supporter of Grand Haven’s Eastown.

Mary worked with the city to string up nearly 20 lights on the tree in Bolt Park, the little city “pocket” park at the corner of Beechtree and Pennoyer Avenue.

“The city has been super-supportive of all the fundraising efforts Fat Chix Gifts has done over the years to help spruce up and revitalize Grand Haven’s east end,” Mary said. “Matt Holzinger of Holzinger Electric worked hard to install underground electricity to go to the tree.”

The nearly 20 lights are LED, so they are designed to last a long time. Still, they do burn out, as one already did since they were first turned on late last fall.

“Bulb replacement is one of the few maintenance things, along with cleaning them, when we take them down in the spring, but that’s about it,” Mary said.

There is a remote control to turn them on and off, but the color sequence has to be reset each time if the remote is used, so the lights are on 24/7, Mary explained.

“Which is nice because you can start to see them as the sun sets,” she said.

The plan is to change the colors for Valentine’s Day and then when spring rolls in. Mary plans to take them down in the spring and put them back up again every holiday season so they remain a special thing and are not there all of the time.

For the past few summers, Fat Chix Gifts has been holding Eastown fundraisers to generate funds to decorate Beechtree Street for the holidays. Most of the fundraising cash was generated by hosting a monthly dinner in the Fat Chix parking lot in the summer. One of the best dinners, Mary said, was the “Brinner” (breakfast plus dinner), when local restaurants and chefs like Electric Hero, Meals for a Week and even Mayor Geri McCaleb contributed their best pancakes.

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Consolidating Stores

Fax Chix customers and friends!

Hey everyone, here’s the Fat Chix update. We have decided to consolidate the shops and close Templeton’s (former Aluminum Mule.) This will be an exciting endeavor for all of us in the two shops. To prepare for the merger, we will be running sales from now until after Christmas.

Nov. 14-20 – 10% off
Nov. 21-Dec. 4 – 20%
Dec. 5 – Dec. 18 – 30%
Dec. 19- Dec. 24 (open half day) 40%
Dec. 26-Dec. 29 50%

Wow!! Come shop and help us create a new, shiny adventure. We love you all!

Fall Wreaths & Catwalks

Come get your corn husk wreaths before they are gone! We will be limited on wreaths this year due to a lower corn crop from our source.
Wreaths are $18 and swags are $9 apiece. Swags looks great horizontal or vertical. We can tie the bow up anyway you like.

Also, keep a look out for the Catwalk Pumpkins showing up at Pfaff’s Pharmacy, Righteous Cuisine and other places around town. Our goal is to move all of our pumpkins this week so if you haven’t picked one up yet, please help out and stop by!
Pumpkins are $5 each and all proceeds benefit the Catwalk Restoration Project in Grand Haven.


Introducing Templeton’s Treasures

Collected.Vintage.Fresh Picked. Eclectic.

This is the theme of the renamed “Fat Chix: Aluminum Mule store that is now Templeton’s Treasures on Beechtree St.
Instead of just one owner, there are now five owners that will be offering fun items old and new in the store.
So stop in and see what’s up in the east end! Lots and lots of change!
(And I know…we made a big announcement about the coffee switch across the street but it IS currently still at the old/new place Templeton’s until we get it just right at the new place. It will happen. Hang in there with us and pardon our craziness during all this new stuff:) Thanks everyone!


“Dinner in the Parking Lot” Summer Schedule


The warm up in weather has inspired us to put together the Spring/Summer fundraising calendar. Our first Thursday evening, “Dinner in the Parking Lot” is scheduled for April 2! As usual, there is no set price for our dinners. We operate on donations with proceeds going towards the street decorations. The first dinner’s donations are going towards the Spring/Summer plants and the galvanized horse trough containers we have been working towards. We hope to have the troughs installed by April 23, the night of our second “Dinner in the Parking Lot.”

Each of these Thursdays will feature a different menu and fundraising goals. All moneys are transparent and go to the Eastown Association.

Please email Marcy if you are able to help out with food or anything else: tlynch3315@charter.net

Location: Conrer of Beechtree and Grant in Grand Haven’s Eastown at The Aluminum Mule (a.k.a. Fat Chix)

All dinners will run 5:30-7:30pm

April 2 – Baked potato and chili bar.

Fundraising goal: Plants

April 23 – Meatloaf, mac & cheese, two vegetables and pie!

Fundraising goal: Walk the Beat

May 28 – Pancakes! Savory and dessert

Fundraising goal: fall mums and pumpkins

June 25 – Burgers and dogs

Fundraising goal: lighting and ornaments

July 23 – pulled pork, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad

Fundraising goal: lighting for winter lamposts

August 20 – Country Fair: chicken and corn on the cob with toppings

Fundraising goal: Christmas greenery


If you are able to help out with any of the following contact us ASAP!

April 2: pot of chili50 baked potatos

5lbs of shredded cheese

2lbs cooked bacon

2 cups copped onions

April 23: meatloaf, mac and cheese, pot of corn, pot of green beans, 2 pies, 4 pies, 6 pies

May 28: pancakes for 35, 2 lbs cooked sausage links, 2lbs of cooked sausage patties, syrup, fresh fruit cut up, juice

June 25: hamburgers for 20, hotdogs for 20, sliced cheese for burgers, 2 lbs cooked bacon, 2 cups chopped onions, 2 cups diced pickles or relish

July 23: coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, buns

August 20: chicken for 20, 25 ears of corn, large container of mayo (we only need 2 containers)




April 2 – Chili & Baked Potato Bar Fundraiser

April 2 5:30-7pm will be our first fundraiser of the year! All of our fundraisers last year were amazing and helped create the awesome holiday decorations that were on Beechtree Street this winter. We plan on cruising right along with our fundraising efforts into 2015 to continue improving Grand Haven’s east end.

The fundraiser will feature traditional chili, vegetarian chili and white chicken chili.

The baked potato bar will have all the fixins’ with butter, broccoli cheese, regular cheese, chives, sour creme and bacon bits! We will do this rain or shine so dress warm because it probably won’t be super warm yet here in Grand Haven but let’s hope the snow is done! A complete list of the summer fundraisers and food offered will be coming shortly! All kinds of good stuff coming up!