New Store News

Fat Chix is transitioning from a larger shop to a smaller footprint (think ‘Tiny House’). As of April 1st, we will be located in the back of the shop and outside (summer months) of the shop. Our address remains the same 312 Beechtree. The new phone number beginning February 1st is (616)-502-3986. With this smaller space, we’ll need to downsize product and displays. Therefore, we will be running a sale from Tuesday, January 23rd through Wednesday, January 31st. Everything will be 60% OFF. Our new plan will include weekly E-Bay, the ‘tiny shop’ (which will still be a hub for ordering your gif baskets) and 4 or 5 weekend Barn Sales a year at my home (approx. 7 miles out in the country).

We’re looking forward to our new approach and hope to include all of you in the years’ ahead.
Thanks for your Support!

The Team!

Fleabags Opening Soon

flea-bags-logo Fleabags, “Tastiest Dogs in Town” will be opening soon in the old Fat Chix/Electric Hero location. The tiny space is getting revamped to have more comfortable, indoor seating for the colder months and of course, has ample outside seating when its warm outside. We are hoping to be open this October if all goes well so stay tuned!

Walk the Beat & Party

2016-Walk-The-Beat-LogoStore updates: We will be having a birthday party at the store for Jamie (Mary’s husband) on August 20 from 12-4pm. Refreshments and cake of course! Jamie is recovering very well from his surgery so thank you to all who sent prayers and positive vibes his way.
Walk the Beat is also on August 20 and we are a music venue this year so there will also be live music that day!

Also we will be doing a community art project again. Updates to come soon!


April Store and Event Updates

We are expanding the store! Soon the front part of the old house we are in will be open! Stop in and see the progress! Lots of neat little rooms to explore.
Also EASTEND PICKERS is this Saturday, April 16 from 8:30 am to 3 pm in Bolt Park on Beechtree Street in Grand Haven.
The Bolt Park market will also start up the first Tuesday in May (May 3) from 4-8 pm.
Spring is arriving! It looks like it’s going to be a great weekend.
Please share this news with your friends. Thank you:)

Shop Update and Flower Pre-Sale

An Update from shop owner Mary:
It’s another surgery for my husband Jamie. We’re blessed in that we will be at the Cleveland Clinic which ranks #1 in the nation for Aortic repair. Because we will be out of work for a length of time, I need to be proactive with the Fat Chix bills. So, we are doing a flower PRE-SALE.
We have a very sweet little planter on a stake that will be filled and ready for pick-up the 3rd week of April. These will retail for $7.95 each. They will be filled with missed annuals, a vine and look fabulous in a grouping. They also provide a little needed height if added to a patio planter. (Planter is pictured below but will of course feature different flowers. These were staked along Beechtree with our galvanized planters last summer.)
**Our special offer will be 4 filled planters for $25 (basically buy 3 get one FREE). I have 200 to sell. We also have a limited amount of twig wreaths for sale. These are gorgeous and sell for $45 each. We only have 15 of those on hand. Thanks in advance for your continuous support, especially over the next two months. We’ve been hanging around on this corner for 12 years and don’t plan on leaving anytime soon. Remember, we are in the back of the green house with the lizards next to Electric Hero. Just walk on in!
Your continuous stream of good wishes and spiritual support matter immensely to our family. You are loved.
Please share and help get the word out if you don’t mind doing so. It’s very much appreciated. Thank you everyone!

Consolidating Stores

Fax Chix customers and friends!

Hey everyone, here’s the Fat Chix update. We have decided to consolidate the shops and close Templeton’s (former Aluminum Mule.) This will be an exciting endeavor for all of us in the two shops. To prepare for the merger, we will be running sales from now until after Christmas.

Nov. 14-20 – 10% off
Nov. 21-Dec. 4 – 20%
Dec. 5 – Dec. 18 – 30%
Dec. 19- Dec. 24 (open half day) 40%
Dec. 26-Dec. 29 50%

Wow!! Come shop and help us create a new, shiny adventure. We love you all!

Fat Chix Updates


The “Fat Chix Collection” (as we like to call it now) has gone through a lot of change in the past few months. The Aluminum Mule now has five owners and has been renamed Templeton’s. Mary is still 1/5 of the owners so some of her things are in the store but Templeton’s features more vintage items now. The store is constantly being stocked with new and interesting things so make sure to stop by regularly if you are a vintage shopper. You never know what you might find! Templeton’s will actually be opened a few nights during the week.

Templeton’s new store hours:

M – 5-7:30 pm

T – 1-5 pm

W – 9-5 pm

Th – 5-7:30 pm

Fri- 9-5 pm

Sat – 6:15 am -2 pm

Sun – Closed

Meanwhile across the street…

FatChixCoffeeGrandHaven2As many of you know, Mary (along with her business partner Marcy) has been working hard at the new “Fat Chix” location in the back apartment of the “Lizard House.” Mary named this spot Zophia’s but of course…we all still call it “Fat Chix.” Coffee will EVENTUALLY be moved over and served at the new location sometime this fall. Some more plumbing has to be finished, but Mary’s goal is to have a small coffee bar in there eventually for espresso.

Outside of the new location is the brightly FatChixCoffeeGrandHavenpainted blue and orange shed Mary calls “Marigold’s.” Inside this shed is local-made maple syrup, honey and all kinds of other cool “outdoorsy” items. If you haven’t peeked in there you need to! The front of the “Lizard House” will eventually feature garden items fo
r sale and other outdoor artwork next Spring.

For all of the candle fans, we will be getting in our usual stock of Woodwick, Bridgewater and Lakeshore scents by the end of September.


Our annual fall decorations will be coming in starting August 31.





From 5:30-7:30 we will be hosting a pie and coffee fundraiser. Stop by the Templeton’s parking lot and have a slice of home-made pie or purchase a whole pie to take home. Donate what you are able to. Money raised from this will go towards the materials needed for our next fundraiser helping the Grand Haven pier/catwalk that needs a lot of TLC and a lot of money to help restore it. Details on that fundraiser to come later.

Introducing Templeton’s Treasures

Collected.Vintage.Fresh Picked. Eclectic.

This is the theme of the renamed “Fat Chix: Aluminum Mule store that is now Templeton’s Treasures on Beechtree St.
Instead of just one owner, there are now five owners that will be offering fun items old and new in the store.
So stop in and see what’s up in the east end! Lots and lots of change!
(And I know…we made a big announcement about the coffee switch across the street but it IS currently still at the old/new place Templeton’s until we get it just right at the new place. It will happen. Hang in there with us and pardon our craziness during all this new stuff:) Thanks everyone!


New Shop Location!

Starting Monday (Aug 10), our brewed coffee will officially be served across the street in the back of the “Lizard House.” Mary will be at the new shop at 6:15 per the usual hours. Please feel free to use Electric Hero’s parking as they are not open at that time and there is easy access to the back shop by parking along Grant as well!

A larger update will come next week but in a nutshell, Mary (the owner) is moving the coffee and most of the Fat Chix/Aluminum Mule items over to the newly renovated space in the back of the green house on Beechtree that is across the street from the current shop. The current building you have been getting your morning brew at is going to still be a store but Mary will be writing something up on everything and getting an official update on here soon. Lot’s of cool new items are in there so stop in there if you haven’t! Multiple owners are in on it now with new, vintage and antique items for sale. 

FatChixCoffeeGrandHaven2 FatChixCoffeeGrandHaven