Big News and Changes on the Horizon

Beechtree & Grant

How are we moving along on the Corner of Beechtree and Grant? As anyone who is perceptive has been able to feel, our little corner of Grand Haven is in flux. Tom Erickson from Erickson Electric, has recently sold his business. (Congrats Tom!) Tom is our landlord in the Gift Shop. Upon asking him his selling price for our building, he informed us that he is hoping to sell the Electric company building and the green house together. The new owners of his business have 1st rights and are currently holding a one-year lease. (We are 2nd in line). We will still be operating as a business whether we are on this site or not.

Another variable for us was the hot dog shop. Angel is leaving us on November 9th. We are so grateful to her for carrying us through our 1st year. The plan is for Mary to take over the hot dog world. She will be opening at 6:30 am with brewed coffee, chai tea, hot chocolate, and aulaits. Plan on the addition of a breakfast dog or two and a whole lot of ‘banter’. That is of course what she does best! Our menu will be expanding too. The addition of baked potatoes with toppings and Topped Mac & Cheese will hit the menu board. Two soups will be featured weekly. Everything being homemade. While we are adding to the menu and looking forward to the continuation of our little ‘Fleabags’ we are also putting it up for sale. “That is an incongruous thought”, you say. Yes and no. We are primarily concerned with the wellness of the Eastside communities. A little restaurant (or maybe a coffee shop returning) is, in our estimations what this corner still needs. Maybe we are the right team to move it forward and maybe not. What we are good at is building community and welcoming change. If a great fit for the shop comes along with vision and commitment we’ll let it go. If not, we’ll stay. We love the Eastside and look forward to continued involvement for years to come. Stay tuned!

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