New Shop Location!

Starting Monday (Aug 10), our brewed coffee will officially be served across the street in the back of the “Lizard House.” Mary will be at the new shop at 6:15 per the usual hours. Please feel free to use Electric Hero’s parking as they are not open at that time and there is easy access to the back shop by parking along Grant as well!

A larger update will come next week but in a nutshell, Mary (the owner) is moving the coffee and most of the Fat Chix/Aluminum Mule items over to the newly renovated space in the back of the green house on Beechtree that is across the street from the current shop. The current building you have been getting your morning brew at is going to still be a store but Mary will be writing something up on everything and getting an official update on here soon. Lot’s of cool new items are in there so stop in there if you haven’t! Multiple owners are in on it now with new, vintage and antique items for sale. 

FatChixCoffeeGrandHaven2 FatChixCoffeeGrandHaven

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